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  • 5 Day Doodle Challenge

  • Doodle and de-stress.

5 Day Doodle Challenge

Doodle and de-stress. Yes, I'm in!

How often do you doodle?

If you answered “not often” or “hardly ever” you’re missing out on a lot of benefits.

Some of history’s most influential people were doodlers, and you’d be surprised at how many goofy stick men decorate the margins of famous historical manuscripts. (Yep, just Google it).

Casual, repetitive drawing is one of the easy ways to slow down our minds and body when we feel anxious or upset. Of course, it could also be done when we’re feeling calm, simply for the enjoyment of making something.

Join us on this 5 day doodle and de-stress challenge.

Together we’ll practice our craft, improve our mood and make a few friends along the way.

Some of the benefits of doodling

Improved focus

“(...) If you’re struggling to concentrate, find yourself stuck or feeling “incomplete,” a time-limited doodle expedition could be just the thing you are looking for. It will likely activate your brain’s “unfocus” circuits, give your “focus” circuits a break, and allow you to more creatively and tirelessly solve a problem at hand.”

Harvard Health Publishing

Helps you relax

Doodling is often used as a form of art therapy. In her TED Talk, Sunni Brown explains how doodling invites us to focus on the present; it is not a distraction, but a form of meditation or mindfulness.

Creative problem solving

To doodle involves thinking and making at the same time. It is action-oriented but requires in-depth thinking in order to solve problems within a design challenge. 
Through practice these skills can be easily transferred into other aspects of our lives.

The Wall Street Journal

Take part in the challenge today!