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I’m not sure which kit to try first?

At Drop of Colour, we believe everyone can find their creative flow, regardless of previous experience. All of our kits are designed to be accessible to all, so any of our kits are suitable for beginners.

Are the kits suitable for teens?

Although the designs have been created with adults in mind, our Happy Pastels and Minimalistic series have been tested by 12-17 year olds and they found them enjoyable. The Minimalistic Kits were even featured in the Independent teen gift guide for Christmas 2021.

We'd recommend adult supervision and help to get younger creators started.

Are the kits eco friendly?

We're big fans of recycled materials. All packaging is made of recycled materials and can be recycled with household items. This in includes the box, wrapping paper, stickers and envelopes included in the kits. The plastic paint pots can also be recycled once clean of paint.

All brushes and watercolours paint sets are of great quality and can be kept and used for any other creative projects.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship worldwide. If you'd like to send a kit abroad, please place an order in our Etsy store.

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