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At the Onsen

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Inspired by a postcard created in 1906 by by Ichijô Narumi, this kit is the first of our Japanese inspired series.

Onsen is the Japanese word for a natural hot-spring. It usually enjoyed by people (and some mischievous Snow Monkeys) for the water’s relaxing hot temperature and healing properties. This is a re-colour of Ichijô Narumi's design, as we wanted to depict the milky-blue colour of Iceland’s Blue Lagoon.

This is not a typical paint by number kit, as some colour mixing is recommended. You won’t find a strict numbered guide with this kit; it is designed to encourage playfulness and colour exploration. And yet it is still as easy to complete as any other typical paint by number, even as a complete beginner. 
Please consider opting in to receive digital instead of printed instructions. Thank you for being kind to our planet.

What's in the box?

- A sketch of the design printed on high quality A4-sized paper
- Acrylic paint pots, numbered
- 2 paint brushes, small and large
- Easy to follow instructions


Approx. 21 x 30cm (8.3 x 11.7 inches)

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Artist-made in the UK
Made with UK sourced materials